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Keep lambs growing in cold weather by managing environment, nutrition and health.
As the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, it is time to start thinking differently about how we care for lambs. For sheep raisers in cold climates, winter is a time to take special...
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Our small farm is green and growing! Bob was able to mow the first cutting of alfalfa last night. It was choked full of invasive wild mustard. We are going to need to reseed our fields with Roundup...
Help ensure their babies are born healthy and strong
Feeding and management of your ewes in late gestation can determine the success of the lambing season. About 70-percent of fetal growth occurs during the last four-to-six weeks of pregnancy, so the...
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Everything changes so rapidly in the spring. The lambs grow quickly, the irises bloom overnight, the garden gets choked with weeds before you turn around. Here is a random assortment of photos from...
Bob and Betsy Freese have been raising sheep for more than two decades on their Iowa farm. Here's a look at some of the adorable lambs they've welcomed into the world!
Shortening the tails reduces sickness and death caused by flies
Most sheep are born with long tails, and many owners shorten them. Wool breeds are more likely to have their tails docked than the hair breeds. Burton Pfliger is the Vice President of the American...
The American Lamb Board is helping producers bring the pasture to the plate
Sheep and lamb are raised in every state, and the meat is available year-round at grocery stores nationwide. Leo Tammi with the American Lamb Board says it's working hard to teach people how...
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We have had some unfortunate deaths of ewes this spring, resulting in this cute set of triplet bottle lambs. They are doing well. Bob is upset with himself for getting the ewes too fat, and says...
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  These little Dorset lambs provide a bit of sweetness in this cold world today. Lambing hasn't gone smoothly, but it rarely does. We've lost one ewe and had a few stillborns....
Lambing is easier on you - and the sheep - if you're well prepared for the event
Radio interview source: Melanie Barclay, Extension Educator, Penn State University                 Listen to the mp3 or read below A sure sign that...