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When it comes to weeds, you have to have a strategy. Follow these tips for getting rid of them once and for all.
Monrovia, the lead grower of premium ornamental and landscaping plants in the U.S., announces their lineup of new plant varieties for 2018.
New and exclusive varieties of ornamental and landscaping plants are on the horizon for 2018. In an effort to explore and grow impoved landscape plants, grower Monrovia has new introductions in...
Plants are important parts of outdoor living areas and creating colorful, comfortable spaces. Flower bulbs play an important role in creating a well-rounded garden.
Natural spaces like gardens are great for relaxing and unwinding. Growing the right blend of flowers and plants is essential to enjoying the garden you've created. Bulb flowers like tulips, grape...
This April-blooming flower's wide range of colors and shapes promises to suit your gardening and decorational needs.
The name "fritillary" comes from the Latin word Fritillus, which means "dice cup" in reference to the cup-shaped flowers. The markings on a Checkered Lily look something...
Prairie gardens require little care—no pruning, spraying, irrigation, or fertilizer. But they do require a little patience to get started. For thousands of years, tallgrass prairies covered much of...
If your landscape is flat, add your own hills
A perfectly flat landscape is easy to mow but it isn’t very interesting. Build gently sloping mounds and berms to show off flowers, create a physical barrier, or even change a drainage pattern...
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The Smithsonian Institution’s “Patios, Pools & the Invention of the American Backyard” exhibit is currently travelling across the nation. The exhibit, culled from the ...
Adaptable and dependable, redbud blossoms fill their branches to announce spring’s arrival.
  Redbuds (Cercis spp.) are understory trees and are among the earliest to bloom in early spring, just after forsythia and before the dogwoods. Their amazing pink, fuchsia, and purple pea-...
Looking for a way to spice up your landscape this year? Check out these new plants from Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
Ohio landowner gets a new John Deere mower.
Samantha Horton (left) of Bolivar, Ohio, has won the Living the Country Life My Country Yard Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a John Deere Z915 B zero-turn mower with a 54-inch mower deck...