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Kill it or keep it
I’ve noticed a bumper crop of clover growing in my lawn this year. There were little white flowers dotting it everywhere, especially in spots where the turf is a bit thin. White clover starts...
If your lawn is looking tired and yellow, maybe it needs a good ironing
The perfect lawn is a uniform shade of green. A yellowish, mottled appearance might indicate an iron deficiency. Iron plays an important role in chlorophyll production, which turns grass green....
A new online resource for your farm and home.
  New website helps property owners find solutions to lawn and pest problems around the farm and home. Information on products for lawn weed and insect control, pasture...
Some tips for getting a nice even cut
If you’re like me, you want every blade of grass to look perfect after you’re done mowing -- just like a carpet. But no matter how often you mow, an even cut is only possible if the mower...
Listed in order of importance, these 10 tips from a horticulture educator will have your lawn in top shape in no time!
Simple household products may be all you need to perk up your lawn
Renovating a lawn is not for the impatient person. It takes several weeks of watering before grass seed even sprouts. Chris Lemcke is the national technical director for Weed Man USA. He says...
If your lawn was dead going into winter, it's probably still dead
We take great pride in caring for our lawns, but when you have to fight dry weather for months on end, it isn’t easy. Zac Reicher is a turfgrass professor at the University of Nebraska. He...
Having a yard with a lot of shade isn't always ideal if you want a nice lawn
Radio interview source: Zac Reicher, Turfgrass Professor, University of Nebraska   Listen here to the radio story mp3 or read below Grass thrives in full sun, so shady areas make maintaining...
The chore of re-seeding a large yard or pasture will go a lot faster with a turf renovator. This tractor attachment saves time by aerating and planting seed.
Re-seeding a lawn may not be your favorite chore to do because of the work involved. Instead of slaving over the lawn, try using a turf renovater to make things go quicker.   ...
We all want a healthy, green lawn, and often use fertilizers to boost growth. For best results, calculate the size of your yard, and buy a local product
Radio interview source: Zac Reicher, Turfgrass Professor, University of Nebraska Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below   Fertilizing your lawn properly can lead to...