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The tulips I planted last fall have finally bloomed! Well, at least a few of them have bloomed. The majority either didn't come up or only have green leaves, no flower. I posted this on the...
Learn to spot bacterial blight and powdery mildew, among others
Lilacs are extremely hardy, but can be attacked by a few diseases. Jay Pscheidt is an extension plant pathologist with Oregon State University. He says one of the most serious diseases is a bacterial...
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Michelle got her first ride on a lawn mower. Caroline doesn’t like to mow the east grove (“boring”), so she taught the foreign exchange student how to do it. Don’t worry,...
You love your lilacs and lilies, peonies and clematis, even dandelions! You love perennials, and these gorgeous photos show why.
Learn which perennials will thrive in your garden
Radio interview source: Doug Jimerson, garden editor-in-chief, Better Homes & Gardens                  ...
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A hard freeze is coming tonight. Goodbye, lilacs. It’s been a delightful season. What a heavenly scent has filled our acreage the past two weeks.