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Not all hay comes from the field. Sometimes it’s in a bag
In some areas of the country, good alfalfa hay is hard to come by and even harder to afford. Feeding a product called chaffhaye is an alternative to rounding up hay bales. Chaffhaye is green-...
Their drinking water has an effect on health, reproduction, and growth
Ponds and creeks provide a convenient source of drinking water for livestock, but they can also serve as a reservoir for disease organisms and toxins. If your animals are showing signs of...
There are alternatives beyond antibiotics to boost production
For decades, livestock have been given low levels of antibiotics in their diet to keep the animals healthy and improve production. The Food and Drug Administration has to approve these drugs, and...
Goats like to browse, but they may also need supplements and balanced feed rations
Given the opportunity, goats will eat just about anything. But that doesn’t mean they should. Goats need good nutrition to be healthy just like any other animal. Susan Schoenian is an...
Teach your kids how to safely interact with them
I grew up on an acreage with cattle and horses. It was always exciting when a new four-legged friend showed up, but my parents were quick to make sure I had a good understanding of my limits around...
The bison business is a strong, growing industry
Bison are usually thought of as range-roving animals only seen on the plains. But in reality, they’re found in every state in the country from the big island of Hawaii to Long Island, New York...
Influence how they respond to disease in the future
When calves are born and nurse from their mother, they get all the antibodies they need from her. But when they get to be around two-to-three months old, that protection starts diminishing and the...
Raising livestock doesn’t always mean cattle, hogs, or sheep
Beef, cattle, sheep, and hogs are considered traditional livestock. There is another group of animals that goes beyond what’s commonplace in the barnyard. Bison, elk, alpacas, llamas, and...
Composting is an environmentally-sound method of handling livestock remains
There is a saying, “If you raise livestock, you’ll also have deadstock”. Animal mortality is an issue faced by livestock producers both large and small. One way to handle the...
You don't have to live at the North Pole to have a herd of reindeer
Reindeer are cousins of caribou, and can run about 50 m.p.h. They're a little shorter than white-tailed deer, and both female and male reindeer have antlers. The antlers fall off every winter...