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It's more than successfully herding cattle
The term “stockmanship” is one of those words that’s hard to define. It’s usually associated with low-stress livestock handling while getting animals to do what you want them...
Auctions are a great place to buy livestock from cattle to llamas
I showed cattle in 4-H and after the county fair was over, some of them were sold in the auction ring. I would lead the steer around so bidders could see the animal, and the auctioneer would get the...
New rules are going into effect for the use of antibiotics in livestock feed
When food animals get sick, a producer could buy over-the-counter feed infused with an antibiotic - until now. A new 2017 rule by the FDA called the “Veterinary Feed Directive,” goes into...
Efficiently store and use forages
When corn is expensive, many cattle producers are being pushed to feed more forages. However, bad growing conditions can also increase the cost of hay. Any waste in your feeding program is going to...
Show off your knowledge of one of the softest, fuzziest animals there is! Here are some fun facts about alpacas.
A few ways to protect your animals and minimize losses
Livestock producers lose thousands of sheep, lambs, and other animals to predators, leading to millions of dollars in losses. Coyotes, bobcats, even domestic dogs are enemy number one. Charlie Lee...
Walk through your pasture and look for discarded car batteries
Cattle come down with a lot of different illnesses, but lead poisoning is preventable just by walking the pasture and picking up discarded car batteries, linoleum, and old caulking materials. Any age...
Pumpkin is a good source of energy and protein for beef cattle
After Halloween, the market for pumpkins takes a huge dive. Your pumpkin patch is probably littered with pumpkins that are broken or blemished, and others didn’t sell. They’re just left...
Find up-to-date research-based information on the nutritional needs of livestock
The National Animal Nutrition Program has put together a database of research-based information on the nutrient needs of livestock. It’s available online, and designed to help develop feeding...
Cattle sometimes develop a condition that causes their hooves to grow abnormally
A hoof condition in cattle called 'curly toe syndrome' or 'corkscrew claw' is painful to the animal and causes lameness. The outside wall of the hoof grows faster than the inside wall...