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Read why participants at the World Pork Expo National Junior Show and open show love showing pigs, and how they take care of them on a daily basis.
Exhibitors, ages seven to 29, explain why they love showing pigs, and how they take care of them on a daily basis.
Fall feeding and pasture management for your cattle.
Download the FREE Feeding Guide. Use this informative reference tool to help the cattle operation on your farm or acreage become more successful and profitable.
An economical heifer development program requires goals and strategies
Cow-calf producers want heifers that are able to reproduce and are productive in the herd for a long time. Whether you raise your own or purchase replacement heifers, it’s an investment and can...
Paying attention to these details really pays off when it’s time to take your calves to the sale barn. A little preparation goes a long way.
Click here to read more like this story from our-Spring Calving Guide.      Proper management can go a long way toward adding value to your calves and preventing discounts...
Prevent your livestock from doing the splits by carving grooves into the concrete
I know how I feel when I slip on the ice. Animals that slip on a barn floor and end up with legs-akimbo need help to get back on their feet. Some are so seriously injured they have to be euthanized....
The giant birds are well-suited for a small farm if you have the time and money
The ostrich industry is growing as an alternative livestock option for small farmers. You can have a breeding pair on as little as a-third-of-an acre. The meat, eggs, and leather can be marketed, as...
This California couple chucked city life for 50 acres and lots of projects
Marj and Marion raise ostriches - very carefully
Several years ago, Marj and Marion Striegel of Oskaloosa, Iowa were looking for a way to diversify their small farm. They had previously raised hogs, so the facilities were already in place when they...
Mooring Hitch
Expert John Sherry shares instructions for the most useful knots
Eddy Sanders will yak, yak, yak all day about the critters on his farm
Eddy Sanders, his wife Debbie, and his dad, Gene, own Grunniens Yak Ranch in Elbert, Colorado. Yaks are a bovine animal similar to cattle and bison. They can be used as pack animals and pasture pets...