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Looking for a weird and wonderful country property unlike any other? This family sure found one.
Ideal attributes Stan and Debra Berberich did not plan to buy a new home and definitely not an 11-acre site with a historic 12,000-square-foot stone barn. But they did. Now the large barn,...
Some people move to the country for the peace and relaxation. But that's not the case with the Blaney family of Easton, Kansas.
Activity at the Blaney acreage, about 30 miles northwest of Kansas City, is hectic. The family moved there a few years ago to have a place for their horses. Since then, they've added cattle, pigs...
A Minnesota barn that once sheltered dairy cows now turns out a riotous herd of flower arrangements. The 1880s former dairy farm is a favorite spot for weddings and learning about nature.
There's nothing artificial about Cindie Sinclair. Or the 1880s former dairy farm east of St. Paul, Minnesota, where she lives and works. Vines cover a traditional red barn and a cottage. Islands...
Hard work and patience turned an Indiana wetland into a refuge that Ted and Sherry Bell's grandchildren enjoy all summer long.
To out-of-towners, Goshen is part of northern Indiana. To local residents, it's Amish Country. And for Ted and Sherry Bell, it's been home since 1996 and a haven for their children and...
Who says you can't create your own world? Back in the early 1980s, Marjy Anderson and her husband, Edward, both worked in the Twin Cities metro area. She worked at 3M; he worked at the...
Cabin in the Metro So they started looking and found some land just a mile down the road from the farm where Marjy grew up. She remembers walking by the property every day on her way to school....