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Routine maintenance is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your septic system
The most common reason for early failure of a septic system is treating the toilet like a garbage can. The only thing that should go in it is what we add as humans, toilet paper, and water. If you...
Don't let your investment go up in smoke
A wood stove is great in the winter for supplemental heat, or for the cozy atmosphere it provides. Now is the time to make sure it’s working properly so your investment doesn’t go up in...
Take a few minutes to give your machine a quick check-up
I’m really good about having our lawn tractor serviced at the end of the year and checking things over first thing in the spring. Unless something goes wrong, I usually don’t pay...
Release extra air and water every time you use it
Regular maintenance of your compressor is a necessary step to make sure the air is always there.   Bob Hunter is the tools editor for WOOD Magazine. He says most of the maintenance is basic....
A little work now prevents headaches later
If you’re getting itchy for spring, scratch that itch by making sure your small engines will be ready to go when you need them. Dust off the lawn mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, and...
Save money by giving your house an energy checkup
If you think about where your home is losing energy -- where would that be? Having a home energy checkup will find the trouble spots, and tell you how to correct them. Chandler vonSchrader is a...
Learn about Toro's legacy and share your own Toro story.
The Toro Company is celebrating its 100 years of business this year.  According to Michael J. Hoffman, Toro’s chairman and chief executive officer, Toro attributes its remarkable longevity...
While you’re doing the fall landscaping chores, don’t forget about the deck
We have a wooden deck that takes a lot of abuse from chairs, leaves, and other debris that collects on it over the summer. By this time of year, the deck floor looks really dirty. But believe it or...
Know what to look for during a routine well inspection
Having your own well for a water supply gives you a lot of control over its usage. But to maintain the water quality and insure it’s in good working order, the well should have a checkup every...
Take some time to inspect the structural integrity of your deck
Every so often, you hear about a deck collapsing and people getting hurt. Experts say there are 40-million wooden decks in the U.S., and half of them are in need of repair or replacement. A lot of...