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Nothing can ruin a barbecue faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. Here are some tips and tricks to help protect your family.
1) Insect repellent apparel, such as Insect Shield Clothing & Outdoor Blankets, will last 70 washings and are appropriate for use by the entire family.   2) Eliminate...
TriForce is an innovative, pest control product that provides triple-threat protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for dogs and cats.
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Take charge of mosquitoes Listen to the radio story mp3 Radio interview source: Bud Harris, general manager, Blue Rhino I hate mosquitoes, especially when they get in the house and buzz around...
Protect your livestock from a new mosquito-spread virus that has the potential to wipe out entire herds
Radio interview source: Sara Cherry, assistant professor, University of Pennsylvania         Listen to the radio story here Deadly new disease...
Here's how to stop mosquitoes on your acreage before they become a real problem.
Spring brings wet weather. Wet weather brings mosquitoes. Livestock bothered by mosquitoes spend more time scratching and less time eating. If attacked by mosquitoes, horses, sheep, and poultry lose...
Mosquitoes can interfere with outdoor activities on your acreage and wreak havoc on your livestock. Take control of mosquitoes with these tips from the University of California. Standing water...