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New residential zero-turn mowers feature SmartSwitch technology, which allows you to start your mower with the push of a button.
Husqvarna’s new line of zero-turn lawn mowers feature improved ergonomics, functionality, and more deck options and other features that improve the mowing experience. “At Husqvarna, we...
Cut through the options to find the best zero-turn mower for your acreage.
In 1963, John Regier was working at Hesston Corporation when the company developed the swather. The counter-rotation of the belts and pulleys on the device, used to cut forage and form windrows,...
Exmark unveils two new Exmark-branded engines.
Developed specifically for Exmark zero-turn mower applications, the new single- and twin-cylinder Exmark-branded engines offer features to simplify maintenance, enhance performance, and increase...
John Deere unveils Z900 series ZTrak mowers with Michelin X Tweel Turf airless, radial tires.
The new Michelin X Tweel Turf is an airless, radial tire sold exclusively for John Deere ZTrak 900 series models with 54-, 60-, and 72-inch deck sizes. Unlike traditional pneumatic tires, the Tweel...
The Kubota Z700 series and Kommander series both add new models.
At Kubota’s dealer meeting, the company introduced Z700 series mowers powered by Kawasaki engines and a zero-turn mower that’s less than $4,000. These were two top demands of customers,...
Learn about Toro's legacy and share your own Toro story.
The Toro Company is celebrating its 100 years of business this year.  According to Michael J. Hoffman, Toro’s chairman and chief executive officer, Toro attributes its remarkable longevity...
Have some brush to clear this fall?
  The new EDGE Rotary Brush Mower – 72” High-Flow model has been added to the lineup of mower attachments for any brand or model skid steer or track loader. It is the...
It’s tune-up time for the lawn mower so it's ready for that first mow
I always look forward to the first time we mow the yard. The smell of freshly cut grass is so pleasant, and immediately makes me think of summer – even if it’s still a long time off! But...
Our readers love to share their places in the country!
Do you think your place in the country is beautiful? Here are submissions from several years of Beautiful Places contests at Living the Country Life: Beautiful Places 1 Beautiful Places 2...
E-15 is okay for late-model vehicles, but keep it out of small engines
When mowing season rolls around I lug the gas can to the pump and fill it up for our lawn mowers. I've always used an E-10 ethanol blend, and haven't had any problems. E-15, a gasoline...