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Use traps when they wear out their welcome
Moles are strange looking animals. These small, furry critters have beak-like noses, tiny eyes, and huge paddle-like front feet with large claws. They live their lives constantly burrowing in deep...
Your tree might be a convenient snack
I get a kick out of watching the squirrels scamper around the back yard. Squirrels can cause tree damage by gnawing, but ours are so busy raiding the bird feeders I haven't noticed anything out...
Early detection and diagnosis of pests will help keep them under control
I love walking into greenhouses, especially in the cooler months of the year. The warm temperatures and humidity make them so inviting. Unfortunately the bugs think so too, and can wreak a lot of...
Learn about dry farming and how one walnut orchard in Paso Robles, California created its own brand.
Learn about dry farming and how one walnut orchard in Paso Robles, California created its own distinguished brand.
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Our pasture fenceline is full of hedge apples. Is that what you call them? Other names are Osage oranges, horse apples, monkey brains/balls, and more. I always put a few in the basement as an...
Here are steps you can take to beat the heat.
Things we already don’t like about summer, like bugs and extreme heat, are only going to get worse, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The Council released a tip...
Their noise makes some people hopping mad
I love listening to tree frogs sing, but they sure let out an amazing amount of noise for critters only two-inches long. Some people find them downright annoying, and we had one radio listener ask us...
Be smarter than the bugs and save your crop
Leafy greens are among the most popular plants grown for home use and farmer’s markets. Unfortunately, insects like eating salad too.   Rick Weinzierl is an extension entomology...
A beneficial bug with some bad habits
My house seems to be the choice location for lady beetles to hang out over the winter. I’ll find dozens of them loitering in the windowsills and even on a ceiling fan. Steve Jacobs is an...
The varroa mite can kill off entire colonies of bees if left untreated
Enemy number one for honey producers is a tiny parasitic mite called the "varroa destructor", and is a prime suspect in colony collapse disorder. It's the size of a pinhead, but to a...