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Not many people consider the average farm pig as a pet, but they're going hog-wild over their tiny cousins.
Miniature pigs are the latest trend in swanky swine. Savannah Seams is the co-owner of Texas Tiny Pigs and says any breed that stays under 100 pounds is considered a miniature. There are many...
If any pig can be considered "pretty," this is the one.
Radio interview source: Heather Faye, Owner, Faye Farms Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below A small farm owner looking for a good meat hog that's easy to raise should...
Go to any county fair and you'll see 4-H and FFA kids with pigs in the show ring. The passion for pigs also includes understanding the differences between the breeds. Radio interview source:...
A rare pig breed called the Large Black is making a comeback around the country. The breed is quite happy rooting around outside and will provide some of the best-tasting pork anywhere. Radio...
These funny animals are proof that friendship knows no bounds, even when the friends are different species.
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Caroline went to a show pig auction in Knoxville and came home with four beauties. Those little squealers were extra pricey this year. Her birthday is in April, so this may be her present. Four...