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Think Spring - Think Gardens
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Take steps to prevent transplant shock both before and after uprooting that tree or shrub
Radio interview source: John Fech, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska   Listen here to the radio story mp3 or read below Digging up trees or shrubs and moving them to another location...
Before you start a landscaping project, consider these common mistakes, and nip them in the bud!
From My Place To Yours: Early Spring 2012
The best time of year to live on an acreage is in the spring. It's also the busiest and most stressful time, full of life and death. Two years ago, my family and I experienced a terrible kidding...
Keep your lawn in shape for springtime. Written By: Ivy Christianson.
Take these factors into consideration before you plant your new pasture
Radio interviw source: Ellen Phillips, crop systems educator, University of Illinois Extension                         Listen...