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Proper fish balance and harvest is the key
In my family, the fish to catch and throw into the frying pan is the crappie. They’re plentiful in our area, and we go after them year-round. Darren Thornhill is a fisheries management...
There are some things you can do now before it starts looking like pea soup
My favorite time to go fishing is early in the spring when the ice is gone, the water is clear, and the algae hasn’t taken over yet. If algae is a constant problem in your pond, nip it before...
Whether you live near a small pond or a big river, get a canoe and enjoy the ride
We have a canoe for paddling around the lake in our town, and also use it for fishing. It's nothing fancy, just a nice stable boat, and it's what we were looking for when it was purchased...
Fish farmers are committed to providing a safe, healthy product
The lake I frequently cast a fishing line into is teaming with good-tasting bluegill and crappies.  I've never been concerned about eating the fish. They appear healthy, reproduce well, and...
There is no such thing as 100% safe ice
I go ice fishing every winter and so far – knock on wood – I haven’t fallen through. I’m always aware of the ice conditions because no fish is worth an icy dunk in the water...
Blog Post
Last spring I told you how we reseeded the bank of our pond. Despite a dry summer, the effort was worth it. Here are some before and after photos. It was a good year for our pond. The water stayed...
The Beautiful Places photo contest, sponsored by Exmark Mowers, gave readers a chance to share a place they called "Beautiful." Here are some wonderful waterscapes!
An Illinois couple transforms a pond from murky to marvelous.
When the kids say they're bored this summer, raise some tadpoles
It's great fun for both young and old to catch tadpoles and watch them develop into frogs. Steve Johnson is an associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida. He says the...
Pay attention to water conditions and use common sense to avoid health risks
It feels good to take a cool dip in the pond on a hot day.  But there's always more to the water than meets the eye. Bob Broz is an extension water quality specialist at the University...