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When the temperatures soar, keep a close eye on your cattle. If you're uncomfortable, the herd is too hot, and if you're too hot, the herd is in serious danger.
Radio interview source: Dave Sparks, Extension Veterinarian, Oklahoma State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below When it gets too hot to be outside, people can just...
Warm nights don't give cattle time to cool down from hot days
During times of hot days followed by warm nights, cattle will not have enough time to cool down completely through the night before the sun starts to heat things up again, says Heather Larson, South...
Plant a healthy pasture your animals will enjoy.
Starting your Pasture A pasture is more than just a piece of land. Your animals get their nutrients from the green grasses that grow in this space. So if you start to see weeds or overgrown areas...
Vaccinate new calves to give them the best chance at avoiding disease in the future.
Vaccinating calves If you have new calves prancing around the pasture, they'll need to be vaccinated soon. This is your chance to influence how they respond to disease in the future. Radio...
Now's the time to plan your fly control program
Horn flies normally begin showing up in spring when average daily temperatures reach 65° F for a period of two weeks. They remain a nuisance until cool weather in late fall or early winter. Here...
Grass tetany is treatable if a veterinarian is contacted as soon as you see early signs.
New pasture growth in the spring is highly nutritious, but it can also be deadly to lactating cows. Owners need to closely monitor their animals for a condition known as grass tetany. Extension...
A serious parasitic infection
Preventing coccidiosis in cattle If your cattle are not eating well and have bloody stools they may have coccidiosis.Coccidiosis is a common parasitic infection, especially in calves under one-...
Minerals play a role in nearly every aspect of an animal's growth and performance.
  The topic of mineral nutrition oftentimes seems complex. But when it comes to this subject, you’ll be money ahead if you remember this:   1) Cattle need minerals 2)...
A healthy cleaner alternative.
Laying mats for cattle If you are looking for better ways to raise healthy, clean cattle, take a load off their hooves. Use rubber laying mats, because comfy cows are more productive. Listen to...
If you see your cattle dining on dirt, there may be something missing in their diet.
All cattle ingest small amounts of dirt as they graze, but if they're searching out bare soil to eat there's a problem. If you see your cattle dining on dirt, there may be something missing...