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Calving and re-breeding can be a challenge. These tips will help.
    First-calf heifers need to be fed and managed properly to reduce their susceptibility to calving and reproductive failure. To be reproductively efficient, a heifer needs energy,...
Paying attention to these details really pays off when it’s time to take your calves to the sale barn. A little preparation goes a long way.
Click here to read more like this story from our-Spring Calving Guide.      Proper management can go a long way toward adding value to your calves and preventing discounts...
Everyday details can lead to calf health challenges
Bethany Fisher and Christie Underwood, calf and heifer specialists with Purina Animal Nutrition, provide these tips to keep calves healthy.   1. Dip navels immediately after birth Navel...
Calves need more energy in cold weather
A common question is: How can we keep our calves healthy and growing in the winter months?   “As temperatures begin to decrease, the energy maintenance requirements of calves and...
Watch this video and learn how.
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Vaccinate new calves to give them the best chance at avoiding disease in the future.
Vaccinating calves If you have new calves prancing around the pasture, they'll need to be vaccinated soon. This is your chance to influence how they respond to disease in the future. Radio...
When a cow is unable to care for a newborn calf, a common practice is to raise the animal independently.
These animals are nicknamed bucket calves because they are fed with a bucket or a bottle with a nipple until they are weaned. According to the Iowa State University Extension, raising bucket calves...
Recently born calves are at risk of dying form calf scours. Keep your calves healthy with advice from Extension Dairy and Beef Veterinarian, Dr. David Smith.
Sandhills calving system When cattle give birth, the calves are at risk of dying from calf scours. To keep your young calves healthy, prevent transmission of the pathogens that make them sick....
Bucket calves are a good choice for a 4-H or FFA project
Radio Interview Source: Megan Henry, 4-H'er Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below If your kids are interested in raising cattle, consider buying bucket calves for your first 4-H or...
The first few hours of your baby calf's life should be easy-going. Keep them healthy!
Helping a newborn calf Most calves come into the world healthy and crying for their mommas. But sometimes you have to take certain steps to make sure the first hours of life are smooth. Radio...