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State of the art research facility dedicated to building better cattle.
  The Purina Beef Innovation center at the Purina Animal Nutriion Center was designed for beef research and as a conference and education center.     To learn more and pose your...
The 30% Protein High Energy Tub provides protein supplementation when cattle are fed transitional forages which have less protein and available energy.
  Purina Animal Nutrition infomational and educational video on their 30% Protein High Energy Tub for cattle.       Copyright Purina 2012
The Purina brand is known as a symbol of pride and leadership to producers, dealers and the industry.
Filmed by the American Rancher association this historical Purina animal nutrition video is informational and educational.  When you purchase Purina and see the checkerboard symbol you know your...
A barn has multiple uses on an acreage. Make sure your land can handle the building requirements of a barn.
Having a place in the country means you can build a barn for animals, machinery, or whatever else you need to shelter. But, make sure the land is well-suited for a barn. Radio interview source:...
Anyone who has livestock is feeling a pinch in the pocketbook, as feed costs skyrocket. To reduce these costs, take some time to evaluate what and how you're feeding the animals.
Dan Buskirk is a beef specialist at Michigan State University and says high fuel prices for transportation are one reason for soaring feed costs. He recommends buying feed locally to save on shipping...
Ways to optimize cattle feeding
Winter feeding represents about 60% of the annual cost to feed a cow, so it's very important for producers to take a hard look at their methods. University of Minnesota Extension beef specialist...
Think about investing in a water tank aeration system to prevent water from freezing over in the winter.
Stock tanks are a popular option for watering animals. A bubbling aerator keeps water fresh in the summer, and prevents it from completely freezing over in the winter. Radio interview source: Tom...
Darrell Busby, Beef Specialist at Iowa State University, gives us the low-down on how to get the best hay for cattle.
Right hay for cattle Cattle need a lot of hay to keep their energy and weight up during the winter, and it can cost a bundle. Improve the cost of feeding cattle by matching nutrient needs. Radio...
Livestock nose pumps don't require electricity. Get water to cattle and horses with ease by using one of these.
Pumping water to cattle and horses can sometimes be a challenge. If you have a pond or stream nearby, one solution might be a livestock nose pump, which doesn't require electricity. All the...
A healthy cleaner alternative.
Laying mats for cattle If you are looking for better ways to raise healthy, clean cattle, take a load off their hooves. Use rubber laying mats, because comfy cows are more productive. Listen to...