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A pan that’s become rusty and lost its seasoning can be helped
When we’re camping, my two favorite pans to cook in are a cast iron skillet and Dutch oven. I usually use a liner when I bake something in the Dutch oven because it makes cleanup easier, but...
A Minnesota woman is restoring native habitats on her land
Lynn Steiner is a native plant horticulturist and author of a new book called “Grow Native”. Lynn and her husband Ted live on 18-acres north of Stillwater, Minnesota. It’s a 115-...
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – and sometimes your life
The old tractor that you inherited from your grandfather is a still a tough work horse and gets everything done. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its dangers. A poorly-maintained...
See how three old barns were transformed into new, useful spaces
A barn beautifully restored in an 8-year endeavor
Preserve the character of rural America
Listen to the radio story mp3 Many old barns are just not up to par for modern farming needs, and they're too expensive to maintain as family heirlooms. The Barn Again! program, however, has...