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Our small farm is green and growing! Bob was able to mow the first cutting of alfalfa last night. It was choked full of invasive wild mustard. We are going to need to reseed our fields with Roundup...
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We let the oldest lambs outside this week. The two rams in the pen next door were curious to meet their offspring through the safe fence. Bob doesn't text, so he left this note for the...
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We sheared the sheep last week and I captured live video for Living the Country Life on Facebook. Check it out below. The video has more than 23,000 views and hundreds of comments. A...
Help ensure their babies are born healthy and strong
Feeding and management of your ewes in late gestation can determine the success of the lambing season. About 70-percent of fetal growth occurs during the last four-to-six weeks of pregnancy, so the...
Noble Dairy Goats
A young man's milk allergy led to raising 150 dairy goats.
Managing worms in your sheep can be as simple as looking at their eyes
Sheep and goats on pasture are susceptible to a parasite called the “barber pole worm.” It feeds on blood from the animal’s stomach wall, which can result in anemia and other health...
An Alabama couple is running the family farm as naturally as they can
JMB farms of Samson, Alabama has been in the Baxley family for 100-years. Joseph Baxley and his wife Melissa are the fourth generation to work the 80-acres of timberland and pasture. Joseph says...
She's inspired by the "Sheep Queen of Wyoming"
There once was a sassy woman named Lucy Morrison Moore who homesteaded her own sheep on a ranch during the 1880’s in Wyoming. She was known as the “Sheep Queen of Wyoming”....
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We let the ewes into the clover. Not even a snake in the grass (me) could spook them from munching. "Split Ear," a former bottle lamb, was watching the lambs climb the compost pile...
A Wisconsin man has made his small farm into all things Scandinavian
David Grote of Iron River, Wisconsin, doesn’t see his small farm in the same way as most people. He considers it a work of art. His 14-acres are just 15-miles from Lake Superior, in an area...