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Lamb nutrition, industry research helps Wisconsin sheep producer meet goals.
“I never planned on being a cheesemaker.” That’s the response Brenda Jensen, gives when asked how she and husband, Dean, began Hidden Springs Creamery, now a thriving 550-ewe sheep...
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We let the ewes into the cover crop of radishes and turnips yesterday. They didn't know what to make of it. A few looked at us as if to say, "Are you sure we should be in here?" You can...
Maintaining a quality flock of sheep is highly dependent on the ram
Every sheep producer should choose the right breeding stock to ensure a successful enterprise. The genetics of a ram will be spread over many offspring, so you want to be sure you're getting an...
Meet some of the cattle, dogs, chickens, and other animals our readers adore. These photos were shared in our online gallery and on our Facebook page.
Don't throw away those old farm machinery tires. Hook them up to a water supply, and you've got an excellent watering tank for livestock
Livestock need a continuous supply of fresh water, but many producers are concerned about the cost and durability of water tanks. Recycled machinery tires are heavy-duty, and the animals can't...
The American Lamb Board is helping producers bring the pasture to the plate
Sheep and lamb are raised in every state, and the meat is available year-round at grocery stores nationwide. Leo Tammi with the American Lamb Board says it's working hard to teach people how...
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Bob castrated and docked tails on the remaining lambs. It was a poor year, with nine ewes in the cull pen for various reasons. The rams are getting culled, too. The most dreaded chore of the year is...
New wool fabric manufacturing equipment has possibilities for sheep producers
American companies that make clothing out of wool have had to send the fabric overseas for special processing that prevents shrinking in the washer and dryer. That's about to change. Burton...
Lambing is easier on you - and the sheep - if you're well prepared for the event
Radio interview source: Melanie Barclay, Extension Educator, Penn State University                 Listen to the mp3 or read below A sure sign that...
Know how to recognize when a lamb isn't getting enough to eat
Radio interview source: Bill Shulaw, Extension Veterinarian, Ohio State University   Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below In all mammal babies, getting colostrum from...