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Keep your yard clean and the pet food put away, and hopefully you won’t be skunked
There’s a certain, putrid smell in the air that lets you know some unfortunate soul has suffered the wrath of an angry skunk. Hopefully it’s not the family dog or someone else who lives...
Ever wonder what might go "bump in the night" in your backyard? Well, with the advent of technology and inspiration from the hunting community, wonder no more. The proof is in the digital...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Best left alone Listen to the radio story mp3 Radio interview source: Jim Pease, Extension wildlife specialist, Iowa State University When I was a kid, one of my favorite cartoons was that...
If you want to enjoy wildlife on your property but don't want to lose your lovely lawn, pond, and trees to varmints, here are some tips for you.
A Minnesota landowner peered through his steaming cup of coffee one morning to view his newly planted, beautiful and expensive poplar trees in the early morning light. They weren't there. Vandals...