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From yard tools to pet care to pest control and more, these products and tools are sure to help around your home and acreage.
Readers of our sister publication, Successful Farming, share some of their brightest ideas when it comes to improving your machinery.
It’s an age-old craft that once learned, will mean endless possibilities
Years ago my husband took a one-day blacksmithing class and made a triangle dinner bell. He did a great job, but told me I couldn’t use it to call him for supper. Garry Kalajian owns a...
From hand tools to tractors
Efficiently and economically producing crops and vegetables on a small-scale commercial farm is highly dependent on the tools that help you do the job. Andy Pressman is a sustainable agriculture...
Scrape off the dirt before you put them away for the season
When I’m done with the gardening season I tend to put the tools away and forget about them till next spring – and then I have to scrape off the dirt when I’m ready to use them again...
Release extra air and water every time you use it
Regular maintenance of your compressor is a necessary step to make sure the air is always there.   Bob Hunter is the tools editor for WOOD Magazine. He says most of the maintenance is basic....
Blog Post
Bob and I spent last week in Maryland celebrating birthdays and enjoying time with family and friends (the day after we left, the Jonas blizzard dumped 2 feet of snow on the farm). Dad's winter...
The right machine makes snow removal a lot more tolerable
We have a walk-behind single-stage snowblower that is put to good use every winter. It’s not a big and powerful two-stage unit like my neighbors’ machine, but it’s better than...
This easy DIY dispenser keeps all kinds of tape at your fingertips and ready to use. Build one for your shop, your garage, your garden shed, and your craft room!
Where's the duct tape? What did I do with that electrical tape? End the searching and keep all of your tape in one spot and ready to use with this handy dispenser! All you need is some scrap wood...
Attach the BR-S Bucket Rake onto tractors, skid steers and other machines with buckets to create a tool for raking rocks and other debris.
The BR-S is made from tough, A-572 steel for years of trouble free use and comes with 3-inch tine spacing to catch and remove even small rocks.  It also features a sturdy bracing bar to spread...