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Give your gardening muscles a rest
Gardening is great, but all the bending and digging can literally be a pain. Noel Valdes is a gardening tool inventor, and says to be considered ergonomic, a tool has to be designed for...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Free yourself from weeds Listen to this radio show (MP3 download) or read below. Radio interview source: Chip Pryor, product marketing manager, Husqvarna Wheeled Goods Weeding is not one of...
Building a fence isn't as difficult with the right tools
Listen to the radio story mp3 Whether you want to help contain livestock or simply provide a clear definition of your property boundaries, building a fence isn't as difficult as you might think...
Save money by using a post hole digger to set the foundation for your fence
Radio interview source: Erin Fisher, product manager, Ames True Temper             Listen to the radio story here Earn your PHD My...
Create a more finished seed bed
Radio interview source: Bob Buzzard, product manager, Woods Equipment Co.                         Listen here for the radio...
Turn digging fence post holes into easy work with a power auger
Radio interview source: Norm Cotrona, product specialist, Alta Power Corporation           Listen here for the radio story One of the most time-consuming...
Find a power washer that fits your needs and cut down on chore time
Radio interview source: Ray Rogers, spokesman, Canarm/BSM Agri Ltd.                 Listen here for the radio story Whether you've got hog barns...
Have a blast getting the grime off machinery, buildings and more
Several sizes, styles available When it comes to really tough cleaning jobs on your acreage, nothing removes dirt, grease, and grime like a pressure washer. These powerful tools come in a wide...
Find the tools that are made to make your gardening experience easier and injury free
Radio interview source: Maree Gaetani, public relations manager, Gardeners Supply Company                         Listen here...
Make chores easier with a compact utility loader
Radio interview source: Don Reed, rental sales manager, Ramrod Equipment           Listen here for the radio story When you live in the country, a tractor and...