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Tips on getting yourself out of the quagmire
Rain, melting snow, mud, and tractors don’t play nice together. A tractor that becomes mired down in the muck will surely bring some high drama and a few choice words. But take a deep breath...
Planting, maintenance, and other chores can be done by tractors powered by electricity from the sun
Farm equipment innovator Steve Heckeroth has been tinkering with designs to build electric vehicles for 26-years. Small and mid-sized farmers from all over the world and share his enthusiasm for...
Bigger machinery is not always better, especially for specialty crops
Tractors come with all kinds of features, power, performance, and technology. However, the tractor needs of corn and soybean farmers is very different from those who grow specialty crops such as...
Landowners spend a great deal of time and energy keeping their property in shape. Many chores can be done more quickly and easily using attachments and implements for the compact tractor. Hooking up...
The John Deere Tractor Sweepstakes, which ran on from April 27 to July 27 has named a winner!
Today, in partnership with Living the Country Life Magazine, John Deere announced Ricky Hornbuckle as the grand prize winner of the John Deere Tractor Sweepstakes. Hornbuckle, who lives with his...
The second generation T6 Methane Power tractor can bring fuel cost savings of 20% to 40%. In terms of environmental performance, it has 80% lower polluting emissions than a standard diesel tractor.
Night and day for the past six months, a bright blue tractor has sat atop the sloping roof of the Sustainable Farm Pavilion at the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy. The alternative fuel technology powering...
The eMax S line has four updated models, the 1526 has two new models, and the 2538 has two new models.
Mahindra North America announced several new tractor models at its 2015 National Dealer Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. The eMax S line of tractors includes four updated models with an all-new...
These compact tractors now feature a factory-installed climate-controlled cab for year-round comfort.
New Holland’s Boomer™ 37/41/47 compact tractors (37 - 47 horsepower) are now available with a factory-installed cab for all-weather comfort and convenience. “Whether you load...
Driving a tractor is easy on flat land, but steep slopes are another matter
It makes me nervous when I see someone mowing a steep ditch, or just driving a tractor sideways across a hill. It takes a lot of safety-sense to avoid turning over on the machine. Dick Parish is...
Too much side-to-side action could be damaging
Drive down any rural road and you’re likely to see a tractor pulling an implement behind it. I’ve seen some that sway so bad from side-to-side, it could become a safety issue. Older...