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Spring is here! Now let's get to work!
April showers bring May flowers, and April garden chores help determine how your garden will fare all summer. Here's a list of chores broken down by region: Pacific Northwest Southern...
Trees can make great fence posts
Using trees as living fence posts saves you time and money when putting up a fence. A disadvantage is you don’t get to pick where the posts should go and you can’t be obsessed with...
Native trees are what bees and butterflies prefer
When we talk about planting for pollinators, we often think about native wildflowers. But trees are just as important. Nationwide, the top trees for pollinators are oak, cherry, plum, willow, birch,...
Water evergreens now to avoid brown needles in the spring
Despite the cold, harsh conditions of winter, your evergreens are still transpiring and need to have that lost water replaced. If moisture lost through the needles is higher than what the tree is...
Go out in the yard and see what your trees are trying to tell you
We’ve all seen trees with gnarly branches, odd-shaped trunks, and evidence that they’ve weathered a few hefty windstorms. Trees have very expressive body language and can show us what...
Excess snow can damage trees and woody shrubs by bending, breaking and splitting, and causing them to fall or uproot.
"Snow is both friend and foe to trees and shrubs," says Tchukki Andersen, staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). "Snow causes its share of damage, but in many...
It doesn’t take big machinery or expensive equipment to quickly gather them
Whether you have one nut tree or dozens, they make a mess when the nuts fall to the ground. It’s important to get out there and pick them up as soon as you can before their quality starts to...
Scientists are working on developing hazelnut hybrids that will grow just about anywhere
The hazelnut is a highly sought-after nut. It has many uses such as a nutritious additive in human food, livestock feed, and can also made into biodiesel. The problem is, the only place hazelnuts...
Their presence is more unsightly than it is serious
Some of the trees in my area have big, silky nests on the ends of the branches with wiggling caterpillars inside them. They’re fall webworms and while they might gross you out, they’re...
Prevent costly mistakes with the chainsaw
A few years ago, we needed a couple of dying trees cut down.  We weren’t home at the time, and unfortunately, the people we hired cut down the wrong trees! Whether you're harvesting...