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Many bacterial and fungal diseases in the vegetable garden are carried in or on the seed
Managing disease in the vegetable garden starts with the seeds. There are bacterial and fungal pathogens that can lurk on or inside the seed, waiting to ruin your crop. Sally Miller is a plant...
A well-prepared asparagus bed will reward you with healthy spears for many years
Growing a bed of asparagus takes some patience in the beginning, but a well-prepared garden patch will be prolific for years.   It’s best to start an asparagus crop with one-to-two-...
This Virginia couple is making their dream farm the best it can be
Starting a small farm isn’t usually something you can jump right into. It’s been a winding road for Lyndsay and Brad Constable of Farmville, Virginia. They both had plenty of experience...
Weeds don't stand a chance
Hand weeding with a hoe is very time-consuming and a burden if you’re a small-scale vegetable farmer. Going through the field with a tiller isn’t always an option if the rows are too...
We were so inspired by the impressive Crumptown Farm produce that we came up with some recipes to put all those fresh veggies to use. Try out these 10 recipes with various vegetables thrown in.
Some things to pay attention to
Several years ago, I bought some Lily of the Valley plants off the internet. They arrived half-dead and much smaller than what the website said they would be. I sent them back, and fortunately was...
Flipping through the Burpee Seed Catalog gave us a ton of ideas for bright-colored vegetables we want to be growing in our gardens. Here are some of our favorites this year.
This North Carolina couple built a CSA business from scratch, and now helps others learn how.
The seed catalogs are rolling in and it's time to make some choices regarding your garden this summer. Branch out this year and grow these unique vegetables we found in R.H. Shumway's...
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 It's funny how you sometimes try a new food -- a relatively common food that you've never eaten before -- and wonder why you were avoiding it all of your life. That's what happened...