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Mow down weeds on top of and below the water surface
There are no fish native to the United States that take care of aquatic weed problems in our ponds. If there were, we’d all have pristine ponds. Since that isn’t the case, you may to add...
Some weeds are as tough as iron to get rid of
Staying ahead of weeds in the pasture can be a chore, especially woody weeds such as Buckbrush, Black Hawthorn, and Multiflora rose. Scott Hagood is an extension weed scientist at Virginia Tech...
A little cleanup now will go a long way come spring
My gardens are shabby by this time of year. I’m pretty good with weeding till about August, then give up. This year I'm making an effort to keep going, because fall is the time when...
As summer fades into fall it is time to help lawns recover from summer stress and prepare for the winter ahead.
Continue to mow your lawn as long as it continues to grow. Grow cool season grasses like bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches tall.  Warm season grasses like bermudagrass,...
If you can't get rid of the weeds in your yard, eat them.
I've put young dandelion leaves on my salad before. It's interesting how a common weed can add so much flavor. I know there are more wild plants I could eat, and I'd like to learn what...
Learn how to stop it from taking over your whole pond
I’ve seen ponds completely covered over in green and chances are good they’ve been infested with duckweed. Duckweed is a small, floating-leaf plant that’s about the diameter of a...
Cattle can be convinced to control weeds in your pasture
Goats and sheep are used to control weeds. If they can do it, why not cows? They’re smart animals. Kathy Voth is a veteran of the Bureau of Land Management and has spent the past decade...
Here’s a new way to kill weeds – blow them to smitherines
If you’ve ever used a sandblaster, you know what it does to everything it hits. A researcher in Illinois has found a way to “repurpose” the sandblasting technique to kill weeds in...
More weeds over the winter could mean less weeds in spring
Welcome the birds, field mice, and other rodents in your fields this winter. They’re helping you fight weeds. But they can only do this if you don’t till the weeds in after harvest....
Herbicides, cultivation, mowing, smothering with black plastic -- all can work on this noxious weed, but it takes time and effort.
Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) is a tough perennial broadleaf weed that is easily established in your garden by the seeds that are carried in on the wind, thanks to the little tuft of hair attached...