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Spruce up a small evergreen or discarded Christmas tree with these fun decorations for the birds. Trimming an outdoor tree with edible ornaments for birds provides a win-win in the winter survival...
Provide food, shelter, and resting places to help them along the way
From hummingbirds to Canada geese, migratory birds seek out habitat on their journey. Every year, migratory birds make the journey between North America and wintering areas in Mexico, Latin America,...
Keep your yard clean and the pet food put away, and hopefully you won’t be skunked
There’s a certain, putrid smell in the air that lets you know some unfortunate soul has suffered the wrath of an angry skunk. Hopefully it’s not the family dog or someone else who lives...
The best way to avoid problems with bears is never to feed them
As you’re out camping or enjoying your back yard, keep in mind that a hungry bear may not be far away. Jeff Beringer is a resource scientist with the Missouri Department of Conservation. He...
From southern Canada to central Mexico, this dove is one of our most common birds
I love a quiet, summer day when I hear the mourning doves cooing to each other from tree-to-tree. Every year I see a few doves lazing on the rail of my deck close to the bird feeders. They get their...
This pet-passionate couple is educating others about respect for animals
All over the country, healthy, adoptable animals are being put down.  Ryan and Krissie Newman of Statesville, North Carolina saw the need for education about responsible pet ownership. They...
Attract them by focusing on their preferred foods and habitat needs
Quite often during my commute to work, I’ll see a few wild turkeys strutting their stuff in a field looking for seeds and bugs. The normal range of a wild turkey is about one-square mile. Seems...
Wildlife are vaccinated on the ground from up in the air
Rabies is a deadly disease for animals and humans, and is most predominant on the East Coast, where raccoons and other wildlife live in close proximity to people. For the past 20-years, the USDA has...
Landowners can help bring the birds back
Over the last 50-years, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of bobwhite quail and other native grassland birds due to disappearing habitat. In some areas, bobwhite populations are down by...
One of the biggest challenges of being a wild duck is finding suitable habitat
I see wild ducks all the time around a lake near my home. I’ve noted several species that come back year-after-year. Unfortunately, vital duck habitat is quickly disappearing in the United...