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A breezy day in the country is making a lot of landowners smile
When I was little, the farm we lived on had a windmill that pumped water into a cistern. That old windmill became a relic of the past like many that you see around the countryside. But, they’re...
A second career in art sculpting proves profitable for former farmer.
Wind spinners The landscape that surrounds Trenton, Missouri, is typical of the Midwest; it's a patchwork of farm fields, sections of native prairie, and a winding river west of town bordered...
With all the of green power, it's easy to get confused over the options. Every state offers different renewable energy initiatives, so it's worth the effort to do some research. Radio...
Harnessing the wind is empowering farmers to achieve ROI, hedge volatile energy costs, and ensure the future of farm and country.
Add profits, minimize costs Across the U.S. and Canada, farmers are looking to advanced wind turbines that offer the best features of large megawatt units. They're also using windmills to...
Take time to do some research to see if it might work at your place
Wind turbines are picking up speed with acreage owners. But you really need the right location and wind velocity to make them a worthy investment. Dan McGuire with the National Renewable Energy Lab...