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Agritourism Content

Agritourism is a hot trend—and an opportunity for small farms to earn extra income. Take a look at the many ways farmers attract visitors and teach city folks about country life.
“Waves of grain” has new meaning in an Iowa corn maze
There are a lot of traditions in college football, but one in particular really touches the heart. Fans in Kinnick Stadium at the University of Iowa stand in the first quarter, and wave to young...
The more authentic and unique the experience, the better chance a tour bus will pay you a visit.
Baby-boomers are inundating the leisure travel market and are a niche audience for agritourism businesses. Now more than ever, group travelers are looking for experiences rather than shopping...
Handwashing stations are crucial on an agritourism operation. This is the number one thing you can do to prevent customers from getting sick.
Kids have so much fun when they visit a farm or petting zoo. They climb on the playground, pet the animals, and then have something to eat and put their hands in their mouth. Yuk. Agritourism...
Your operation will weather the storm a lot easier if you have a plan in place
This is the time of year when the risk of severe weather is high. Combine bad weather with oodles of patrons at your agritourism event, and you could have a real emergency to deal with. The time to...
Kids are learning about social issues through a spokes-pumpkin
There is power in beloved children’s characters. They tell a story, and deliver a message. Combine them with agritourism, and it’s a win-win for farmers, parents, and kids. ...
Share the hobby and show off your birds
Backyard chickens are a natural curiosity, especially in urban areas. Chicken clubs in many cities are hosting tours where people can visit several chicken coops in a day and learn all about them....
Is this the greatest agritourism idea ever?
  Some things are just meant to go together: jeans and boots; movies and popcorn; yoga and goats. That's right, yoga and goats. While this combination may seem anything but natural,...
The livelihood of a Washington State man depends on the fragrance of a purple flower
Mike Reichner spent 18-years as a Washington State park ranger. When he decided it was time to leave that career and put down some roots, he bought land near Sequim, Washington. The farm boy in him...
Invite the public to tour your farm or ranch to educate them about agriculture and make extra money.
I enjoy going out to farms and learning about crop production, raising livestock, or just having fun in the pumpkin patch. People who invite others onto their property put a lot of thought and...