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This Texas family turned a ranch into a destination. Check out the water cannon, hayfield baseball, classroom in the corn, and maze.
A Tennessee couple educates farm visitors with a “goat to garment” tour
Beth Bohnert had always dreamed of having her own little farm. When Beth and her husband Brett moved to Tazewell, Tennessee, a few years ago, they found a 38-acre fixer-upper. Most of the terrain is...
A New York woman is teaching kids about agriculture her way
Charlene Spoth of Clarence, New York, was an ag education major in college. But when she and her husband, Patrick, took over her family’s farm, Charlene wanted to teach agriculture her way,...
This farm-turned-retreat has a very special ambassador.
The cows are getting a lot of attention in Whiteland, Indiana
Amy Kelsay, her husband Joe, and their three children live on a six-generation dairy and crop farm in Whiteland, Indiana. The farm has been in operation since 1837 when it was land-granted to the...
Mary Blackmon can tell you where to find fun and fresh food on the farm
Mary Blackmon has lived most of her adult life in cities. A number of years ago she inherited a farm on the border of Arkansas and Louisiana, and was given the choice to keep it or sell it. She...
A corn maze is an effective way to draw visitors to your farm and generate income
I’ve gone through several corn mazes with youth groups over the years. I’m usually the last person out because I’m directionally-challenged, and also because the mazes were designed...