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It might seem like a huge fight, but you can get rid of them
A couple of years ago I saw my cat crouching, and sitting very still. She was obviously intrigued by something. My investigation found that she was watching a stream of ants marching into my kitchen...
Leaf cutter ants are a destructive pest in southern areas of the country
People who live in Texas, Louisiana, and Southwestern areas of the country are fighting leaf cutter ants. They’re also known as “town ants” because they make huge craters in the...
Look no farther than your kitchen or medicine cabinet to help control common garden pests.
Carpenter ants love wood, and the more rotten, the better. Watch carefully the path of these ants. They could be alerting you to a water problem in the house. Radio interview source: Laura Jesse,...
Take the proper steps to keeping pesky red ants far from your property
Radio interview source: Linda Hooper-Bui, entomologist, Louisiana State University Ag Center Listen to the radio story here Don't let ants hitch a ride I'm glad that I live...