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A Kansas couple restored two old barns and gave them new purpose
When Martin Rude was a boy, he spent a lot of time playing in the barn on his grandparent’s farm. It was his dream to someday renovate a barn into a home. Martin and his wife Cheryl live on...
Prevent your livestock from doing the splits by carving grooves into the concrete
I know how I feel when I slip on the ice. Animals that slip on a barn floor and end up with legs-akimbo need help to get back on their feet. Some are so seriously injured they have to be euthanized....
A hoop barn protects your cattle from the elements and makes your daily chores easier
Stressful conditions such as extreme heat and cold, wet weather can have a negative impact on cattle performance. Hoop barns are becoming a popular, animal-friendly environment with several...
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It rained all weekend, so Caroline cleaned the attic. She found the tub of old Legos. Construction on our barn started at noon and went until midnight, maybe later. I found the final result in the...
When making plans for a new barn, think it through completely
Radio interview source: Lachlan Oldaker, Senior Equine Architect, Gralla Architects Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Whether you have two animals or dozens, efficient...
See how three old barns were transformed into new, useful spaces
See how landowners across the country have improved their property with beautiful, functional wood barns from Sand Creek Post & Beam.
Barns need good ventilation for healthy air quality. The air inside a barn can become stagnant with dust and mold, ammonia gasses and other pollutants, and animals can get sick if there isn't...
Make a detailed plan before you start building.
Thinking of building a barn or renovating an old one? Whether you want a few stalls, a traditional structure, or a party barn, make a detailed plan before you start building. Radio interview source...