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This plant is packed with nutrition from the leaves above the ground, to the roots below
My mother had a big vegetable garden when I was a kid and the crop I remember the most is her beets. She’d slice up and pickle those round, purple roots and they were actually quite tasty....
Find out what plant combinations mutually benefit each other for a successful garden.
Find out which plants mutually benefit each other for a successful garden.
Thank a beet farmer for satisfying your sugar craving
Fifty-four-percent of the sugar grown in the United States comes from beets. Sugar beets are grown throughout the northern states. In general, if you live in the middle of the country, you’re...
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I grew beets for the first time this year and had good luck, winning the beet category at the county fair. I pickled them using cranberry juice cocktail instead of water and sugar in the recipe....
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I dug new red potatoes yesterday, the earliest in the year I've ever done that. Wow, were they delicious in potato salad. I will leave most of my hills alone for another month. Maybe. I also...
Spring isn't the only season to plant vegetables. Planting seeds in your garden in July and August for fall production can yield great results. Most cool-season vegetables planted in the summer...