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If you find the body of an eagle, you have to contact law enforcement
I know there are bald eagles living in our area. I’ve seen them from a distance around a lake near my house. My friend Bob, a veterinarian, has had clients bring injured bald eagles to his...
Cooking is for the birds and they appreciate it!
Help out your feathered friends this winter by making homemade suet cakes for them. It provides a high-energy source of fat and protein during increased energy needs in colder weather. Pure suet is...
Provide food, shelter, and resting places to help them along the way
From hummingbirds to Canada geese, migratory birds seek out habitat on their journey. Every year, migratory birds make the journey between North America and wintering areas in Mexico, Latin America,...
Raise Muscovies for pest control, meat, and eggs
Muscovy ducks have become popular animals to have on a small farm. People enjoy their lean, nutritious meat that is comparable in taste to sirloin steak. Muscovy ducks are prolific egg layers,...
Who's singing to you?
I love to hear the birds singing but I’m never quite sure what they’re saying to each other. Birders divide bird sounds into two categories: songs, which are generally complex mating...
From southern Canada to central Mexico, this dove is one of our most common birds
I love a quiet, summer day when I hear the mourning doves cooing to each other from tree-to-tree. Every year I see a few doves lazing on the rail of my deck close to the bird feeders. They get their...
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It sounded like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds. The morning before a winter storm blew in and dumped 4 inches of snow on our Iowa farm (a foot of snow in northern Iowa), blackbirds...
A bird with many benefits
Guinea fowl are like watchdogs. Whenever anything – a car, person, or animal  – comes down the lane, they’ll probably make a racket. But, you’ll love them because Guinea...
Find out how you can create a birdhouse by reusing materials you already have!
Find out how you can create a birdhouse by reusing materials you already have!
Luring bluebirds starts with putting up a shelter for them
Bluebirds are native to North America and one of the first signs of spring. The key to attracting them is to provide the right nesting boxes in a suitable habitat. Open pastureland, and mowed areas...