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Influence how they respond to disease in the future
When calves are born and nurse from their mother, they get all the antibodies they need from her. But when they get to be around two-to-three months old, that protection starts diminishing and the...
Create a natural shelter in a wooded area
Livestock such as cattle and sheep are able to tolerate a wide range of weather conditions, but they appreciate shelter from driving snow, and a place to cool off in the heat. Establishing a natural...
Proper grooming techniques will help your animal stand out
I raised cattle in 4-H for nine-years. On show days, our calves were so well-groomed and pampered it was like one big bovine beauty parlor. They were washed, blow-dried, trimmed, and the hooves were...
As new calves arrive, so does the likelihood of infectious disease
Scours is a term for diarrhea in calves under a month old. The condition can strike as early as the first 24-hours after they’re born, and is life-threatening if not treated. It’s caused...
This bacterial infection can cause lameness if not treated early
A cow that’s hobbling around might be suffering from foot rot. This happens when bacteria in the soil get into a cut in the skin between their toes, and create an infection. Gregg Hanzlicek...
Keep your cows healthy, warm, and well-fed by following these suggestions for a successful winter!