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Pumpkin is a good source of energy and protein for beef cattle
After Halloween, the market for pumpkins takes a huge dive. Your pumpkin patch is probably littered with pumpkins that are broken or blemished, and others didn’t sell. They’re just left...
Cattle sometimes develop a condition that causes their hooves to grow abnormally
A hoof condition in cattle called 'curly toe syndrome' or 'corkscrew claw' is painful to the animal and causes lameness. The outside wall of the hoof grows faster than the inside wall...
Warts aren't usually harmful, but their appearance can cause problems
Warts are a common skin problem in young cattle. There are several types of bovine papilloma virus that cause warts, and they’re contagious in cattle herds. Dr. Mel Pence is a retired...
With autumn upon us, that means winter is just around the corner. Check out these five steps to help keep livestock happy and healthy during the upcoming chilly season.
Cattle can be convinced to control weeds in your pasture
Goats and sheep are used to control weeds. If they can do it, why not cows? They’re smart animals. Kathy Voth is a veteran of the Bureau of Land Management and has spent the past decade...
They aren't miniature cows; they're full beef animals, only smaller.
American Lowline cattle are a great fit for a small acreage owner who wants to raise beef but doesn't have a lot of space. Lowlines are related to the Angus breed but more compact, with shorter...
Prices for 550-pound calves are expected to average $180 per hundredweight.
Good spring conditions could mean a strong cattle market in 2016, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist David Anderson. He says aside from areas where there has...
This Alabama couple focuses on a healthy diet through the care of their animals
As you get older, hitting the “big 5-0” can bring new opportunities in life. Greg and Janie Dennis bought a commercial broiler farm in Ranburne, Alabama. They ran it for a couple of years...
Lower the animals' anxiety and keep your blood pressure down
Livestock have a keen sense of hearing – and a good memory. Loud voices and yelling can scare them more than clanging gates, and they’ll remember you the next time you want them to do...
Bucket calves are a good choice for a 4-H or FFA project
At my county fair, raising bucket calves is a popular program and gets kids interested in livestock. The calves are usually purchased when they’re 1-to-10 days old from dairy or beef producers...