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Q: How many acres do you need for a cow and calf? A: The acreage required for a cow-calf pair will depend on several things: mainly soil fertility, pasture quality and how much rain you get in...
Ways to optimize cattle feeding
Winter feeding represents about 60% of the annual cost to feed a cow, so it's very important for producers to take a hard look at their methods. University of Minnesota Extension beef specialist...
Quick tips for preventing problems
Spoiled cattle feed exposes your animals to harmful compounds that can make them sick. Not all bad feed can be detected by sight or smell, so watch your animals for off-behavior, store feed in a cool...
Vaccinate new calves to give them the best chance at avoiding disease in the future.
Vaccinating calves If you have new calves prancing around the pasture, they'll need to be vaccinated soon. This is your chance to influence how they respond to disease in the future. Radio...
This family breeds Piedmontese cattle for direct meat sales.
Heartland Meats After years of preparing a business plan for going wholesale with their farm-raised beef, the first check Pat and John Sondgeroth received bounced. And it was a big one. That was...
Texas, where things are always bigger
Big mowers Bill Martin once needed a lawn mower. Being in Texas, where things are always bigger, his lawn mowers sport seven-foot blades. Tall story? Nope, long story. Horns, that is. Longhorns...
Take the time to plan before unleashing your livestock on pests
Radio interview source: Margaret Soulen-Hinson, secretary/treasurer, American Sheep Industry Association         Listen to the radio story here Plan...
Cows traditionally calve in the spring, but traditions can change. Calving in the fall may be more cost-effective and less labor-intensive for you. Radio interview source: David Hoffman, Regional...
Listen to the radio program on spotting the signs of a cow in labor.
Signs a cow is about to calve Losing a calf during birth is distressing for cattle owners. Knowing how to spot the signs of a cow in labor will help you monitor the process if necessary. Radio...
Avoid getting injured by your bull by learning to read his behavior.
Radio interview source: Dr. Ryon Walker, Assistant Professor & Beef Specialist, Louisiana State University Ag Center   Listen to the radio story or read below Bulls are one of the most...