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During the late fall transitional time, forage quality and availability changes, making it necessary to provide additional supplementation to your cows to keep them in the ideal body condition...
All-Natural Protein
A 14% All-Natural Protein Feed Supplement for Growing Cattle and Calves on Forages and Grasses Purina® All-Natural Protein Stocker Grower Helps Maximize Forage Utilization by Cattle and Calves...
12% Phosphorus
A 12% Phosphorus and 4% Magnesium Mineral for Cattle on Pasture Purina® 12% Phosphorus Cattle Mineral Provides Your Cattle Balanced Mineral Nutrition Year-Round That They Need for Health and...
Hi-energy all-natural protein
    A 20% All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube for Cows on Fair- to Poor-Quality Forages and Grasses Purina® Hi-Energy All-Natural Protein Cattle Cube Helps You Extend Your...
Residue consists of stalk, leaf, cob, and husk
An acre per cow After the corn crop is harvested, one acre of residue can supply enough forage to sustain a 1,000-pound cow for up to 2 months. Livestock producers do not take advantage of this...
Are your forages providing all your cows need for optimal performance? As you know, the winter cold and spring calving takes a toll on your cows. And seldom do forages alone provide all the...
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Q: How many acres do you need for a cow and calf? A: The acreage required for a cow-calf pair will depend on several things: mainly soil fertility, pasture quality and how much rain you get in...
Ways to optimize cattle feeding
Winter feeding represents about 60% of the annual cost to feed a cow, so it's very important for producers to take a hard look at their methods. University of Minnesota Extension beef specialist...
Quick tips for preventing problems
Spoiled cattle feed exposes your animals to harmful compounds that can make them sick. Not all bad feed can be detected by sight or smell, so watch your animals for off-behavior, store feed in a cool...