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It's more common than you think
We don’t often think of cattle as becoming infected with rabies, but it does happen and producers need to be aware of that. Wildlife such as skunks, raccoons, and foxes are typical carriers of...
Add flexibility to your cattle-grazing program with sorghum
The pasture-grazing season is just around the corner, but it’s never too early to think about what your cattle will be eating as we go into next winter. Forage sorghums allow pastures and...
A healthy diet and clean environment can reduce the risk of your cattle developing mastitis.
Lactating cows are susceptible to an infection called mastitis that can affect their milk supply. Animal science professor Joe Hogan, at Ohio State University, says mastitis is an inflammation of the...
William Campbell and Satoshi Omura were awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of avermectin, originally developed for livestock. Ivermectin, a modified version of avermectin,...
In November 2015, Dr. William C. Campbell and Dr. Satoshi Omura were awarded the prestigious 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of avermectin, the active ingredient that revolutionized...
Male dog ticks or wood ticks are the main carriers of the disease.
In the last half of 2015, confirmed cases of anaplasmosis throughout Kansas and beyond are at some of the highest numbers veterinarians have ever seen. With the high incidence of cases, it is...
Rate your cows to ensure they're in the best shape possible.
You want to make sure cows are getting the right nutrition – especially before they calve. Body condition scoring is a helpful re-breeding management tool. Rick Rasby is a beef cattle...
These supplements are manufactured by heating up molasses and then cooling it into a very hard block that can only be licked, providing additional protein, vitamins and minerals to grazing herds.
Getting a range cow to leave the comforts of an adjacent riparian area to reside in more rugged terrain and graze on lower quality forage has always been a challenge for cow/calf operations. However...
A popular option for small farms
The very first calf I raised in 4-H was a Charolais heifer named Mandy. I was eleven-years-old. Mandy was little when I got her, but she grew a lot bigger by show time – and I didn’t....
Rustlers take note as cattle prices stay high.
Cattle theft has continued to increase as market prices have risen in conjunction with the drought, according to the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. With a single animal worth from...
The heat is hard on everyone, including your animals. They rely on you to help them stay cool when temperatures rise.