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Keep your cows healthy, warm, and well-fed by following these suggestions for a successful winter!
Expectations of tight beef cattle supplies and strong demand push cattle prices higher
Finished cattle prices in fall 2013 climbed to $130 in anticipation of small beef supplies in 2014, says Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt. Per capita beef supplies, or the...
John Bartheld finally got the rare, miniature calf he's been waiting for
When calves are born to miniature cattle breeds, it's no doubt they're cute. But John Bartheld of Roy, Washington, wanted to go beyond cute – he also wanted rare. John says there are...
A hoop barn protects your cattle from the elements and makes your daily chores easier
Stressful conditions such as extreme heat and cold, wet weather can have a negative impact on cattle performance. Hoop barns are becoming a popular, animal-friendly environment with several...
Cows that ingest sharp metal objects are at risk of developing hardware disease
Cattle aren't picky eaters, they'll even swallow small pieces of metal. Sharp objects aren't good for the abdomen. Grant Dewell is a beef extension veterinarian at Iowa State...
Meet some of the cattle, dogs, chickens, and other animals our readers adore. These photos were shared in our online gallery and on our Facebook page.
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The sick Red Angus calf says it all. It's been a rough spring for cattle -- long, cold, and wet. She ended up in the vet clinic "hot box" last night with an IV. Bob says this has...
At the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, animal experts feed more than 3,000 animals on a 1,200-acre working farm every day. Here are some helpful tips they’ve learned over the last 85 years.
Beef producers should be on the lookout for lice infestations and have a plan for controlling the spread to prevent animal stress
Lice is a noticeable problem in cold weather when cattle have heavy winter hair coats, says Ron Lemenager, Purdue Extension beef specialist. "That's the perfect scenario for lice populations...
A cow that's healthy and productive adds value to the herd
Radio interview source: Dr. Jane Parish, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Mississippi State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below If you have a "cash cow...