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The right equipment will help you get fall chores done before snow flies.
The best thing you can do for the trees, bushes, and vines on your property is prune them regularly to remove dead or unwanted sections, facilitate airflow, allow in more light, promote new limb...
A chainsaw needs extra attention in winter
Radio interview source: Randy Scully, National Service Manager, STIHL, Inc.   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below The sound of a chainsaw isn't all that uncommon during winter. Cutting...
Frozen wood is harder than non-frozen wood, so you need to adjust how you operate the machine.
With a little extra care, your chain saw can offer peak performance even in cold temperatures. Be aware that the ground might be frozen and slippery. You will need solid footing with good traction....
Now is the best time of year to rid your property of Mother Nature’s debris. These products help you get the job done fast.
A page written by our readers.
Do you have a great idea to make chores easier at your place? Send it in! You'll get $100 for any idea the editors choose to illustrate ($25 for ideas published with no illustration). Include...
All Around the Farm: A page written by our readers
If you find yourself inspired by warming temperatures and fresh, spring breezes, put that burst of energy to good use -- improve something! Perhaps you can replace a chain saw guard lost in the snow...