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Most folks would have thrown up their hands and torn it down, but Judy Parker saw a bright future for this old barn.
She lives in a barn Judy Parker does her book work in calving pens, sends guests to the hayloft, and serves breakfast over a horse stall wall. Yes, she lives in a barn. Both rustic and modern,...
Most older barns are 'good enough' to last a long, long time, if you take the right steps to make them beautiful and useful again.
Barns You've found that perfect acreage not far from town. The old farmhouse is in pretty good shape, and you have plans for fixing it up. But what should you do with the rest of the property...
You may be facing a decision on what to do with an old barn that's seen better days. Restoration can be expensive, but sometimes just keeping up with repairs will maintain the building for future...