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Evergreens Content

If you see a frothy, foamy mass among the needles it was put there by a spittlebug
If you look closely at your evergreen trees this spring you might see what looks like frothy masses of spit in the branches. Unless somebody has an ax to grind with you, I’m willing to bet...
It isn’t often that an evergreen tree needs pruning, but sometimes a haircut is necessary
The best time for pruning evergreen trees is early spring through mid-April, although you can remove dead, diseased, or broken branches anytime. A couple of factors on whether or not to prune an...
Water evergreens now to avoid brown needles in the spring
Despite the cold, harsh conditions of winter, your evergreens are still transpiring and need to have that lost water replaced. If moisture lost through the needles is higher than what the tree is...
Hedges add natural beauty and keep the nosy neighbors from spying on you
Hedges are quite useful in the landscape. They can provide privacy, hide an unpleasant view, trap snow, and provide habitat for wildlife. Spring is the best time to plant a hedge. Richard Jauron...
Let The Holiday Palette from the Home Outside® Palette App help you decorate your home this holiday season.
The Home Outside Palette app has been updated to include The Holiday Palette this winter season. With the update, homeowners can mock-up decorative designs for the holiday using wreaths, evergreens...