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Keep your dog on your property with cleverly constructed barriers and ongoing training.
Carl Sandburg once wrote, “Love your neighbor as yourself, but don’t take down the fence.”
Specific boundary lines and other fencing issues can create rifts when your land encroaches on somebody else’s. Rusty Rumley is a senior staff attorney with the National Agricultural Law...
Almost any animal can be trained to heed electric fence. Here are tips on how to do it.
The type of fence you build for your animals will be most effective if you’ve first considered the nature of your animals and the size of area to be fenced. The size and location of the...
Trees can make great fence posts
Using trees as living fence posts saves you time and money when putting up a fence. A disadvantage is you don’t get to pick where the posts should go and you can’t be obsessed with...
The ideal fence is designed with your animals in mind
Radio interview source: Jane Parish, Extension Beef Specialist, Mississippi State University   Listen to the radio mp3 or read below Whether you have one cow or an entire herd of cattle, good...