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Relying on your own woodlot for firewood is a lot easier with good tree management
The right management of your woodlot will provide a lot of cozy fires and heat for your home. Charlie Barden is a forestry professor at Kansas State University. He says the average ten-acre...
Most insects living in the wood are only a nuisance
We have a fireplace in our house, but I’m glad it’s gas. I can't stand the thought of bringing in firewood with all kinds of bugs living in it! Entomologist Laura Jesse at Iowa...
Keep your house warm this winter
A roaring fire makes the cold weather cozy. The best species to burn in your area is the one that’s most plentiful. However, soft woods such as pine throw out only about half of the heat as...
The shape of the fire makes all the difference
I love to go camping and of course enjoy the s’mores and conversation around the campfire. Humans have been building fires for eons, but the art of the perfect campfire is still mystifying for...
From the woodlot to the fireplace, follow these tips for an efficient, clean-burning fire.
If you want to cut heating costs, consider installing a wood furnace
A wood furnace can be the sole source of heat or used as a supplement. Chuck Gagner is the president of Woodmaster. He says first determine what size furnace you need. Look at the BTU output value of...
Make sure you know how your firewood purchase stacks up in terms of quality and quantity.
Curling up by a warm fire makes even the harshest cold go away, but not everyone has a woodlot outside their back door. Forestry Professor John Ball at South Dakota State University says if you...
A resourceful alternative energy option
WoodMaster has introduced a Flex Fuel indoor furnace as part of their 2010 lineup. The furnace is part of the company's new line of indoor and outdoor flex fuel furnaces, engineered with clean...
These handy units can burn wood from your property.
If you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of heating your home or shop, an outdoor wood furnace might be a good investment. You may be able to virtually eliminate your fuel costs (other than the...
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Whether you use your fireplace as a main heat source for your home, or if you just like to snuggle up in front of it on cold winter evenings, you'll need the right kind of firewood. Different...