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A balmy day could bring unexpected visitors buzzing around the house
I have to swat enough flies during the summer, so I don’t appreciate being bothered now, too. But, unfortunately, a balmy day or two this time of year literally draws flies out of the woodwork...
Learn what you can do to prevent heat stress and manage your cattle herd this summer.
Learn how to manage your cow herd this summer and what you can do to prevent heat stress.
USDA scientists are developing strategies to help livestock producers control stable flies, a damaging pest of cattle
An economic impact assessment by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Agroecosystem Management Research Unit (AMRU) in Lincoln, Neb., found that stable flies cost the U.S. cattle industry more...
Fly control in the chicken house starts with good sanitation and manure management.
Radio interview source: Ralph Williams, Professor of Entomology, Purdue University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Where there are chickens, there's manure. And where...
House flies are a "people problem".
  House flies are a "people problem". I don't mean they bother people (though they certainly do!). I mean people cause the problem.   House flies are "...
Researchers are looking into using catnip to control flies.
What do cats and stable flies have in common? They both react to catnip. Researchers are studying catnip as a way to prevent stable flies from biting cattle, and the results are promising. Radio...
Use a combination of methods to keep flies from taking over your property.
With a little planning, you can get a handle on flies before they take over your property. The sooner you begin, the better, since the pests grow so quickly (a housefly develops from egg to adult in...
Not only are fruit flies a pain to orchard owners, they also come in the house. Fruit flies are about a-quarter-inch-long with red eyes. They reproduce anywhere there is moist, fermenting organic...
Living the Country Life Radio Program with Betsy Freese
Consider the source It's a challenge to keep flies in the barnyard from driving everyone crazy. The stable fly (pictured here) bites both humans and animals, and its bites are painful. Barb...
Now's the time to plan your fly control program
Horn flies normally begin showing up in spring when average daily temperatures reach 65° F for a period of two weeks. They remain a nuisance until cool weather in late fall or early winter. Here...