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My gladiolus are fabulous this year. We have had a lot of rain and that makes big blossoms. I am hoping to enter a few in the county fair next week, although most plants have a curve in the top,...
Learn about being a farmer florist, and think about buying local for your big day!
This New York farmer grows and arranges flowers. (Buy local for your big day!)
Consumers in search of local, seasonal and sustainable flowers now have a one-stop destination for American-grown bouquets and blooms. is a free online directory designed to connect flower lovers with floral retailers, designers and studios that support and sell seasonal, locally-grown and domestic flowers...
Wildflower seeds are forecasted to be a hot commodity this year. Master gardener, Mike Lizotte, will tell you everything you need to know.
Some things to pay attention to
Several years ago, I bought some Lily of the Valley plants off the internet. They arrived half-dead and much smaller than what the website said they would be. I sent them back, and fortunately was...
Humor columnist Brent Olson shares his wit and wisdom.
Download this FREE special collection of Brent Olson's columns for Living the Country Life magazine. You'll enjoy Brent's reflections on life, family, prairie, and winter in Minnesota!
Keep your plants healthy and productive with these bright ideas!
Destroy dead iris leaves to prevent disease and pests
Pay special attention to your iris beds as you're cleaning up the garden for spring. Destroy dead iris leaves to prevent disease and pests from taking over these perennial bloomers. Ward Upham is...
It's not necessary to spend hours creating a beautiful garden
Choosing low-maintenance plants and gardening practices allows you to create lovely landscaping with little fuss. Denny Schrock is the master gardener coordinator for Iowa State University. He says...
Wooden Shoe Clara Maguire
One dedicated Oregon family and thousands of tulips provide joy to people around the world