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If ever there was a flower that shimmers in a cheerful spectrum of colors, it’s zinnias, hands down.
Affable, affordable, and infinitely happy-go-lucky, zinnias are the sort of kick-yourshoes-off, toss-away-your-inhibitions kind of flower you want to hang with all summer long. Easy to grow...
Learn how one woman turned her floral dreams into a reality by starting her own flower farm in North Carolina.
After years of dreaming, Niki Irving finally got her wish; her very own flower farm. In January 2016, Irving officially started her farm, Flourish Flower Farm, on two acres of leased land near...
Draw the eye skyward with soaring flower spikes
A cottage garden without hollyhocks is unthinkable. We associate certain flowers, including hollyhocks, with old-fashioned gardens surrounding cottages. Hollyhocks often symbolize cottage style...
Plant hardy coneflowers for colorful blossoms from early summer into fall.
  A staple summer perennial in most parts of the country, purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea) have recently become trendy and upmarket, embellishing the flower and cottage gardens of...
Peonies are the quintessential cottage garden flower— they have big blooms with big fragrance, and they are beautiful without being boastful.
Nothing lends a touch of romance to the garden like herbaceous peonies. In late spring, they are the rock stars of the garden, taking center stage and flaunting their sumptuous...
These fluttery flowers evoke dainty ballerinas.
Old-fashioned cottage gardens are not complete without columbines dancing in spring. These familiar and charming flowers have seeded themselves for generations, breeding promiscuously...
Learn how to tell if it's still viable
I rarely use an entire packet of vegetable seeds every year. Garden seed gets expensive so I hang onto them, thinking I’ll use them again the next year but I’m never sure if they’ll...
Plant a rustic tool caddy with daffodils and other flowers for a portable breath of spring.
To plant your own springtime daffodil garden in a container, you’ll need: • Tool caddy (or other container) • Hand drill • Rocks (for drainage) •...
An Illinois couple tested the market and found a clear direction for their farm
Chris Wyant had a dream of owning a farm to provide food for the family and live off the land. He and his wife Audra and their young son had been living in town, but got to a point where they were...
A dozen roses are a classic expression of love on Valentine's Day, but wouldn't forget-me-nots tucked into a nest of love-in-a-mist say more? Here are 10 plants that owe their names to...