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Learn about a pick-your-own style farm!
Use an old jar to hold a bouquet of beautiful summer flowers from your garden. Display the makeshift vase on your kitchen counter, dinning room table, or out on the porch.
Try these fun DIY projects with different glass jars just in time for summer!
The Perkinson family owns Flying Cloud Farm.
This North Carolina family is bringing flowers and fresh produce to the community.
The USDA has boosted funding in this program
Specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts play a critical role in the U.S economy. According to the USDA, specialty crop sales total nearly $65 billion per year. They’re also...
Ground covers you can eat look nice and taste good
Like most people, I have bare space or thinning grass underneath a few of my trees. No matter how hard I try to get the grass to fill in, it doesn’t work. But another option is an edible ground...
Pay attention to water quality, keep animals out of the garden, and always wash your hands
Whether you have a small vegetable garden or acres of produce, there is the risk of harmful bacteria causing a foodborne illness. However, there are steps you can take to reduce that risk....
The right location for fruit trees gives them a good start.
My neighbors have three apple trees and a pear tree. And, they enjoy sharing their fruit with my family. You don't have to have a large open space for fruit trees, especially if you choose dwarf...
Proper, consistent pruning maintains healthy production
Fruit trees are not meant to be shade trees. Proper pruning opens up the canopy, lets the sunlight in, and increases the chances of a quality harvest. Brad Bergefurd is an extension horticulture...
Turn rain into a liquid asset
Radio interview source: Linda Naeve, Horticulture Specialist, Value-Added Agriculture, Iowa State University Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below Fruit and vegetable growers who use...
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My peaches are ripe! I have one small tree in the grove and it is ready for harvest one month ahead of last year. The tree blossomed very early this spring and didn't get frosted, so here we...