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Working with a small space, but hoping for a large bounty of veggies and herbs? These varieties are patio-approved and ready for planting.
The key is knowing when and what to feed them
I like to baby my tomato plants. I get a little worried about the fertilizer though, because I’m not always sure if they’re getting the right stuff. Bob Westerfield is an extension...
They're not like other tree fruits
The next time you dip into your favorite guacamole, thank the avocado growers of California. They produce about 90% of the nation’s crop. Because of the plant’s cold sensitivity, they...
Dinner is right outside your door.
Download this FREE Garden-to-Table guide; a full-color, 16-page reference tool on garden planning, soil maintenance and pest control.
It depends on how you'd like to bite into them
Every year I go to the local nursery for tomato seedlings and every year I’m overwhelmed with the number of choices. There are literally thousands of tomato varieties grown in the United States...
Deborah Marqui uses the tranquility of her gardens to help heal others
The power of healing doesn’t always come from medicine. Sometimes all you have to do is step out onto your front porch. That’s what Deborah Marqui discovered. She lives with her...
Extend your growing season with this easy-to-build greenhouse.
If you yearn for a longer growing season, you don’t have to pack up and head south: you can simply head to your nearest home center and pick up materials to build this hoop greenhouse. It...
You can make more than just simple salads with leafy greens! Try these creative recipes that will use up your fresh greens and keep your taste buds entertained.
Horseradish is easy to grow and process into sauce. Give it a try!
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I'm gunning for the Biggest Potato ribbon at the county fair again. My spuds are growing fast. Tomatoes, not so good. They will be late this year. Hope your garden is doing well!