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New hybrids of this stalwart perennial add warm color to early summer gardens.
Over the years, American gardeners have somewhat overlooked geums, also called avens or Grecian roses (Geum spp.), but recently some stunning new cultivars have been ...
If ever there was a flower that shimmers in a cheerful spectrum of colors, it’s zinnias, hands down.
Affable, affordable, and infinitely happy-go-lucky, zinnias are the sort of kick-yourshoes-off, toss-away-your-inhibitions kind of flower you want to hang with all summer long. Easy to grow...
Create this simple pond-in-a-pot to enjoy water lilies on a sunny deck or patio—or anywhere you want a water garden.
Prairie gardens require little care—no pruning, spraying, irrigation, or fertilizer. But they do require a little patience to get started. For thousands of years, tallgrass prairies covered much of...
Hostas are so easy to divide and share that they’re sometimes called “the friendship plant.” Here are our best tips for sharing your own hostas with friends and family.
Hostas continue to climb in popularity as dependable shade plants and for good reason. Depending on the variety, hostas will mature into broad clumps that can have blue, chartreuse, or solid...
The huge trumpet flowers on this perennial add tropical drama and color even in Northern gardens.
Common names: Hardy hibiscus, rose mallow, swamp mallow, wild cotton, Eastern rose mallow  Botanical name: Hibiscus moscheutos, hybrids, and cultivars  Hardiness: Zones...
Harness the glimmer and gleam of light-catching glass as a decorative element in the garden with one of these sparkling options.
Instead of using a calendar, manage planting and pest control with growing degree days.
 Try using growing degree days to plant your vegetables. This method measures accumulations of heat required for insects and plants to flourish.   Len Coop is an assistant professor...
Keeping the basic historic elements of their home, homeowners of this basic, four-square house welcomed a makeover to turn their porch into a cozy, Bohemian-inspired retreat ripe with eclectic style...
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The humble wire tomato cage has much more potential than simply bracing up a rambling tomato plant. It can have other special roles in the garden. Not long ago, I passed a stack of tomato...