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Prepare your roses for another season of beautiful blooms with these tips
Radio interview source: Doug Jimerson, garden editor, Better Homes & Gardens                            ...
Here are some great ideas from our Summer 2006 issue. Give them a try on your acreage!
Rich, burnished burgundy, purple, pink, gold, and mahogany can make your garden glow like a sunset. As the autumn leaves start to fall, a Minnesota couple, both professional gardeners who love this...
Colorful autumn blooms Autumn marks the end of the growing season for most gardeners. But it's the start of a glorious time of year for Arla Carmichiel and Steve Kelley of Long Lake,...
Beams of light shimmer on the surface, illuminating exotic blooms. Elaborate or simple, a calming water garden can be yours -- with tips from these experts
It's all in the details A dragonfly dive-bombs the mirrorlike surface of one of Tom and Marilyn Kenney's four water gardens. Nearby, a lavender tropical water lily unfurls its delicate...